Over 60% of employees are under engaged or disengaged. Imagine turning that apathy into commitment, pride, and passion. Modern Survey’s mThrive enables organizations to accurately assess employee engagement and provides a roadmap to creating a healthy, thriving workplace.

  • Learn how engaged your employees are
  • Identify the unique drivers of engagement at your organization
  • Share results with leadership
  • Compare your company with industry and country specific benchmarks
  • Identify union vulnerability

mThrive gives your organization a straightforward story of current employee engagement and a clear support system for rewriting that story.


  • Proprietary, science-tested survey items
  • Surveys available in dozens of languages
  • Access via the web, mobile devices, or on paper
  • Intuitive reporting for sharing results among leaders
  • An action planning module to simplify change management
  • A data mining tool to explore trends and drill down into demographic groups

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The State of Engagement: Unveiling Modern Survey's Fall 2014 U.S. Workforce Study

Tuesday, Oct. 28th, 2014
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