Transform ordinary employees into extraordinary performers

Every CEO and CHRO needs top performers to achieve their organization’s goals. What if you were able to double or even triple the number of top performers in your organization? That is where mThrive comes in. It provides the process, data, and consulting fire-power to create a culture of employee engagement in any organization.

Mobile, Multi-Language Employee Performance Tracking

Lift employee engagement using Modern Survey's proprietary survey science

Easily measure the perspective of every employee at your organization using our mobile-enabled multi-language survey technology.

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Learn where to take action with engagement drivers

See the common and unique drivers of employee engagement at your organization, set actions to raise engagement and achieve organizational goals.

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Achieve Actionable Goals
Achieve Actionable Goals

Improve business agility by continuously measuring your workforce

Leverage sampling algorithms and survey automation to continuously measure across the enterprise, track the engagement of your workforce by quarter, month, or week.

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Build a culture of engagement utilizing individual engagement reporting

Only 52% of the US workforce understands what employee engagement means, expand awareness by bringing every employee into the conversation.

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Expand Engagement Awareness
Teams Set Actions Tied to Survey Metrics to Create Accountability

Achieve organizational goals with integrated action planning

Enable teams to set actions tied to survey metrics, achieve accountability through transparency to get the work done.

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Gain a competitive edge using geography and industry benchmarks

Compare your organization to peers in your industry, your country, and discover how you compare to extraordinary organizations.

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Gain Competitive Edge with Benchmark Comparisons

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  • Available in multiple languages throughout an enterprise cloud platform
  • Analytics and data explorer
  • Text and sentiment analysis
  • Integrated action planning
  • Built-in learning and support tools
  • Industry, geography and extraordinary company benchmarks
  • Census, pulse and continuous measurement
  • Individual employee engagement reporting
  • Social media integration
  • US-EU Safe Harbor Certified
  • Real-time response monitors
  • Paper and phone surveys
  • IO psychology, best practices and data sciences consulting
  • Focus groups, executive presentations and group trainings