Surveys and reporting for the do-it-yourself crowd

When you need feedback and data from customers and employees, the powerful mResearch survey platform is the solution for you. Quickly and easily create questions, administer surveys, and share the results.

Build Professional Surveys Quickly Using Style Templates and Question Sets

Build professional surveys quickly using style templates and question sets

Consistently create branded surveys optimized for any device and use proven questions for high quality measurement.

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Easily link surveys together for continuous measurement

Move from the annual survey to continuous pulse surveying of your employees and customers.

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Easily Link Surveys Together for Continuous Measurement
Show Changes Over Time with Built-in Trending

Show changes over time with built-in trending

Easily show score changes by demographic group, month over month and year over year.

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Provide enterprise reporting with HRIS integration

Integrate the demographic and hierarchy data from your HRIS to make complex survey reporting a snap.

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Provide Enterprise Reporting with HRIS Integration
Compare Your Organization to World-Class Benchmarks

Compare your organization to world-class benchmarks

Learn how your organization compares on employee engagement and best practices benchmarks, compare by geography and industry.

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  • Create surveys for employee, customer and organizational measurement
  • Available in multiple languages throughout an enterprise cloud platform
  • Administer surveys via email, kiosk or paper
  • Upload employee and customer lists
  • Choose from existing surveys and questions
  • Easily create custom questions, response options and dimensions
  • Configure multiple surveys to run in tandem
  • Create pulse surveys
  • Create standard, syntax and meta reporting groups
  • Choose from dozens of reporting templates
  • Mine data to uncover key insights
  • Integrate with your HRIS
  • View data over time
  • Batch process consultant-class reports
  • Compare your scores to industry and best practice benchmarks
  • US-EU Safe Harbor Certified
  • Surveys are mobile device friendly