Create a goal achievement roadmap for every employee

To peak perform, your employees need developmental feedback. mPerform provides a platform for goal alignment and constant feedback so employees repeat the behaviors that make them successful and adjust the ones that could take them off track.

Accelerate Performance with an Intuitive, yet Powerful Platform

Accelerate performance with an intuitive, yet powerful platform

There’s no training and no confusion, mPerform simplifies goal setting and annual ratings through an intuitive user experience.

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Turn performance management into a conversation

With mPerform you will transform the onerous annual review into a simple process by capturing conversations between managers and employees throughout the year.

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Turn Performance Management into a Conversation
Align Employee Goals with Organizational Goals

Align employee goals with organizational goals

Enable employees to create individual goals and align them with organizational goals, or cascade goals across the enterprise by function or business unit.

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Shore up compliance with easy monitoring and reporting

Upgrade your email & MS Word ratings process to mPerform and watch completion rates jump by 20% or more.

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Shore Up Compliance with Easy Monitoring and Reporting
Enable Career Development for Every Employee

Enable career development for every employee

Increase retention by enabling career development, a proven engagement driver.

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  • Set and track goals, align with your team or organization
  • Manage annual ratings and pay increases
  • Calibrate by business unit, function or other demographic
  • Offer a mid-year check-in
  • Customize workflows
  • Manage personal profiles
  • Create and manage individual development plans
  • Search for skills and interests
  • Report on status, goals, and ratings distributions
  • US-EU Safe Harbor Certified
  • Visualize teams in a “nine box” matrix
  • Take system snapshots to archive progress and ratings
  • Available in multiple languages throughout an enterprise cloud platform