Human Capital Measurement Company Modern Survey Releases New Individual Online Engagement Survey

Posted on February 4, 2014.

The free, five-minute survey gives employees a personalized engagement score along with a comparison to the US workforce and tips for improving engagement.

Minneapolis, Minn. (PRWEB) February 4, 2014 — Modern Survey, a Minneapolis-based human capital measurement firm, has released a free online individual engagement survey. The five-minute survey includes questions for employees about their current job and feelings about their employer. After answering a series of questions, such as “I take pride in working for my company/organization (Agree/Disagree),” users receive a detailed, personal engagement score along with insight into how they compare to the U.S. workforce and practical tips for what they can do to improve their own engagement.

Patrick Riley, Modern Survey co-founder and CEO, explains that getting individual employees involved in the discussion is a crucial piece in any organization’s overall engagement puzzle. “Engaged employees are the connective tissue of any great organization. Our individual engagement survey is designed to give each employee a diagnosis of where they stand and what they can work on in order to bring their best to work every day. When organizations create a culture where people feel connected, enabled and self-aware, the potential is endless. Engaged, connected workforces lead to incredible service, speedy innovation and breakthrough results.”

For employers, understanding employee engagement trends can help build valuable, actionable narratives. “We show executives and managers a picture of their organization’s health,” Riley says. “For too many organizations the work of improving the organization’s health falls on the shoulders of leadership only. The individual engagement survey spreads out accountability to each individual employee.”

The company uses its mThrive product to help organizations gather data about employee engagement, understand trends, successes and problem areas, and create action plans for improving engagement by working with senior leadership, managers and individual employees. New to mThrive in 2014: Employees now have the option to receive a personalized report with their engagement score and suggestions for improvement. Riley underscores the company’s continued dedication to employee privacy and anonymity while offering these personalized reports.

“We really want to equip employees with a tool to help them improve how they feel about their workplace. After all, when employees are thriving and more engaged at work they will live happier, healthy lives outside of work too,” says Riley.

What’s your engagement score? Take the Individual Engagement Survey to learn more about your engagement level at work and how you compare to workers around the country.

Human resources professionals can learn more about Modern Survey employee engagement tools at

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