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Social is power. Is your organization utilizing its social capital?

Heat Social transforms the way companies think about social media, networks, and communication. With Heat Social, you will understand your organization’s employment brand and collective influence.

Social is here. Harness it now.

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With over a thousand connections on LinkedIn, the Connector can influence a recruiting effort in a single bound!

  • Learn how many connections your Fully Engaged employees have
  • Measure the impact of social media on your hiring and selection process

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She tweets, she posts, and she always meets her deadlines! Ask the Results Maker to accelerate your Employee Brand by sharing her extraordinary successes on Twitter!

  • Promote employee branding by integrating Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook into employee surveys
  • Aggregate the social media profiles of your most engaged employees

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At the speed of light, she sees employee potential everywhere! Discover new & hidden talent through the wisdom of the Mentor!

  • Recruit great talent through strong leadership
  • Engage, develop, and resource employee talent using guiding superheroes

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