The Point of Labor Day

Posted on August 28, 2014 by Don MacPherson.

Regardless of how you celebrate this long weekend, Labor Day signals the end of summer for many Americans. Kids are mourning the onset of a new school year and retailers are advertising early Halloween decorations. It’s the same every year. Put the white pants away and rotate wardrobes for the inevitable fall and winter ahead. Labor Day is a way to say “Goodbye” and “I’ll see you next Summer”, but the true meaning of the day is lost somewhere between parties and parades. Why this extra day off?

Americans work more than employees in any other industrialized country in the world. This work ethic is responsible for the country’s economic strength, innovation, and adaptability. It is the reason why America is still a land of opportunity and why people from all around the world want a part of that.

Labor Day began as a celebration of power being handed to the workers. The workers wielded this power to bring higher wages, shorter working hours, and favorable labor laws for generations to come. The workplace has become a safer, fairer place, and still the average productivity for each American worker has increased by 400% since 1950. It is incredible.

So what is the point of this discussion? This celebration? The point here is to remember those who fought for the rights employees across the country enjoy today. They sought better working conditions, fairer hours, and laws that favored what they embodied as the American Dream. Let’s try to remember that. Let’s try to remember what they fought for and appreciate what we have.

Happy Labor Day!

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