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Posted on March 6, 2015 by Don MacPherson.

Social media tools have been a powerful influence on how organizations recruit talent, but thus far have played a limited role in retaining employees. One of the biggest obstacles is that candidates closely follow the organizations where they want to work, but stop paying attention once they become employed. At the same time, veteran employees never bothered to follow their organization’s social media activity.

Modern Survey conducted a study of social media usage in organizations. The study found that 85% of full-time employees are members of Twitter, Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, or Instagram. Despite these high social media adoption rates, only 34% of employees across the U.S. workforce follow their organization’s social media activity.

Employees Following Their Organization on Social Media

This is a huge missed opportunity for both employers and employees. Modern Survey has found consistently that the strongest driver of employee engagement over the last four years has been “confidence” – both in the organization’s future and in the organization’s senior leadership. CEOs and other executives at large organizations often cite the challenge of effectively communicating their vision or company updates to a dispersed workforce. This challenge prevents them from giving the confidence necessary to motivate and retain their teams.

Millennials are particularly ready to hear from their leadership about organizational successes, development activity, and the road map of the future. Nearly half of all Millennial employees are following their organization on social media. More will certainly flock to these platforms as executives use them as legitimate communication vehicles and as the quality of content improves.

Social Media & the Generations

Another group of employees interested in what their senior leaders and their organizations have to say on social media are the most engaged employees. Over half of “fully engaged” employees follow their organization on social media. Of the disengaged employees, it is just 19%. It doesn’t come as a surprise that the most engaged are seeking out information about their organization. With so much attention being paid to retaining the most engaged, it makes sense to feed them as much information as possible about where the organization is going and how it is getting there. Social is becoming the smart way to get that information in front of those employees.

Social Media & Employee Engagement

If someone has a job, they have a phone. If they have a phone, they have access to the power of social media. Bring news about the organization to the same place where people are getting the news about their friends and networks, their communities, and the world. A few enlightened CEOs get it. More will certainly follow in the next two years.


Modern Survey gives clients the option to allow their employees to join company social media platforms at the end of an employee engagement survey. Some clients even allow employees to post thoughts and feelings about the company on Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook at the end of their engagement survey. To speak to one of our experts about how we can help integrate your social strategy with your employee engagement strategy, email or call 866-876-8242.

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