Honoring the Most Engaged Employees

Posted on September 12, 2014 by Don MacPherson.

I am grateful that I get to share Modern Survey’s knowledge of employee engagement around the country. I speak at a couple dozen conferences and events a year and yesterday I was in my home town addressing a Work/Life Expo. It was at the end of the presentation. I had hoped to acknowledge the most engaged employees I could remember, but I became speechless. This had never happened before.

Instead of words flowing freely from my mouth, tears queued in my eyes. I was overcome with emotion. It had been 13 years to the day that emergency medical workers, firefighters, police officers, and other heroes ran up the stairs while office workers like me ran down them.

Commitment, loyalty, willingness to give extra effort – these are the things we mention when employee engagement is discussed. Never have I seen these words come to life more than on that day. I will always remember, honor, and be inspired by the brave men and women who were there for us.


One World Trade Center Towers Over Manhattan

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